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Gina Maria Leonetti

Directors Guild of America/Film, Executive Producer, Assistant Director,2nd Stage Theater Company Board

Gina Maria Leonetti spent approximately twenty years as a Director Guild of America Film/TV Assistant Director, working on a variety of projects from television shows, commercials, and major motion pictures. Some of her credits include the films Five Corners, Outrageous Fortune, Conspiracy Theory, Married to the Mob and The Silence of the Lambs, the television series Tattingers and numerous commercials.

More recently, Gina Maria has Executive Produced the short film “First Chair” along with the documentaries “Fellowship of Reconciliation: Over 100 years of Waging Peace & Justice,” “Art & Heart: The World of Isaiah Sheffer” and “Playing with Fire: Jeannette Sorrell and the Mysteries of Conducting”.

Over the years, Gina has served on several boards. Currently, she’s in her sixth year serving on the 2nd Stage Theater Company and in her eleventh year on the board of New York City’s largest emergency food pantry, the West Side Campaign Against Hunger.

Gina Maria Leonetti
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