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Dr. Bernard F. Dick

Emeritus Prof. of Communications & English at Fairleigh Dickinson University

"I strongly support a Bergen County High School of the Performing Arts under whatever title it would have or form it would take. As a young aspiring actor who worked in community theater, I was fortunate to study for a time at the Neighborhood Playhouse where, I learned the importance of proper diction, movement, and above all, under Sanford Meisner, that acting is reacting and that the only way one can react is to listen to what the other person is saying--a quality of great importance in these fractured times. Students may either pursue careers in the arts or, like me, transfer their skills to other professions, such as teaching and law, in which demeanor, clarity, and the ability to engage in dialogue is demanded Students win, one way or the other."

Bernard F. Dick is a Teaneck resident and the author of many books on film, including biographies of Harry Cohn, Hal Wallis, Rosalind Russell, Claudette Colbert, Loretta Young, and Jane Wyman. His most recent books are THAT WAS ENTERTAINMENT: THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE MGM MUSICAL and THE GOLDEN AGE MUSICALS OF DARRYL F. ZANUCK: THE GENTLEMAN PREFERRED BLONDES.

Dr. Dick is Professor Emeritus of Communication and English at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Dr. Bernard F. Dick
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